Nasir Qureshi

Hi, I’m Nasir Qureshi – a Realtor, Author, Certified Solar Advisor, and a TV Host. I provide individualized guidance, problem-solving, and solutions for real estates. solar energy and coaching to businesses and individuals.


About Me

Introducing Nasir Qureshi, Realtor® Daddy, a Houston, Texas resident since 1980, who embodies a linguistic prowess encompassing English, Hindi, Urdu, Pushto, Punjabi, Spanish, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Gujarati, and Arabic. Nasir’s expertise extends beyond language proficiency, as he excels in both residential and commercial real estate ventures.

But that’s not all! Nasir is not just a realtor, but a visionary Best-Selling author as well. His book, “How to Sell Your House Fast, 53 Tips to Get Full Value, Avoid Seller Pitfall, and Make Your Sell Hassle-Free,” has garnered immense popularity and can be found on the renowned platform, Amazon. Nasir’s passion for the environment and commitment to renewable energy, particularly solar energy, is truly remarkable. Since 2015, Nasir has dedicated himself to bringing solar energy solutions to the masses.

Today, Nasir stands stronger than ever, having formed strategic alliances with the leading solar energy companies in the United States. Together, they strive to make affordable solar energy accessible to families, one household at a time. Nasir’s unwavering dedication to sustainability and his relentless pursuit of a greener future have earned him admiration and respect among his peers and clients alike.

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Services I Offer

Every organization, regardless of size or individuals deserves access to top-notch service.

Texas Real Estate

I am a passionate Texan Realtor with a boundless love for the art of real estate. With a flair for both residential and commercial properties, I embark on a thrilling journey through the vibrant world of Texas real estate.

Solar Energy Solutions

A certified solar advisor offering free analysis to the homeowners in 34 states and Puerto Rico. $0 down, fixed low flat rate bill for 25 years. Low Price & Price Match Guarantee and 25 Year Production Guarantee.

Best Selling Author on Amazon

Nasir, the wordsmith, has captivated readers with his literary prowess, penning not one, not two, but four magnificent times. Like celestial stars, two of his masterpieces ascended to the pinnacle of success, gracing the prestigious list of best-selling books on the mighty Amazon. With each stroke of his pen, Nasir weaves value empowering his readers. Nasir provides coaching to individuals and to major corporations since 1997.

Selling Big Texas TV Show

It’s like visiting many open houses on your home TV screen or on your cellphones by using UniMix TV app. Watch many newly listed homes and open houses by different real estate agents across the Big Texas. All in one place. Bringing you many choices. Giving you an idea what is happening in the real estate market. All videos on demand. You can rewind, fast forward, and see it over and over again as many times you like. New and hot real estate listings throughout Big Texas.

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